Nothing Sweeter Than Family

Perhaps one of the best stops on our Nashville trip was Five Daughters Bakery. Located in 12 South, the most hip part of Nashville, this bakery specializes in the most delicious doughnuts I have ever eaten. When first entering this shop, we were not only greeted by intoxicatingly delicious smells but also warm people with smiling faces. The combination of the pink illuminated ‘Five Daughters Bakery’ sign, mint green trim of the walls, and white floor tiles sent my pinterest-loving self to heaven. While I was so taken by this store’s atmosphere, perhaps what I took with me long after our trip was over was their slogan: Nothing Sweeter than Family. The bakery was named after the owner’s five daughters whose faces are displayed on large canvas photographs that hang on the walls. These photographs make the bakery customers feel as though they are part of that beautiful family. I would absolutely recommend going to this bakery should you find yourself in Nashville.






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