Audio Documentary


udio Documentary was a class that allowed me to enter the audio world and compose engaging communication pieces.

In this first piece, called ‘Music from Voices,’ I took audio clips from my classmates and combined them into one audio file. The idea for this assignment was to practice using Adobe Audition to make an audibly interesting story about my peers.

The next piece is a narrated interview that I did with Jose Moratalla, an international student from Spain. Because I am interested in different cultures and ways of life, I wanted to interview Jose about impressions of America as well as gain new perspectives on Spanish culture.

The next two pieces are from an assignment called ‘The Poetic Voice.’ Our task was to choose a poem or short work of literature and record it in a way that was meaningful and artistic. I chose 2 prose pieces by my favorite poet, Rupi Kaur.

The last piece is a podcast that was created for my final Audio Documentary project. Entitled ‘ Love Life Radio,’ this podcast was centered around all things concerning love, dating, and sex for college students. This particular episode focuses on the dating application Tinder and encourages its audience to have face-to-face dating interactions.