Blowing Rock Brewery


or my Multimedia Storytelling class I had the opportunity to work with Blowing Rock Brewing Company to create a mini documentary.

Nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains rests a company that combines quality beer and community involvement- Blowing Rock Brewing Company. The idea for this local business was conceived in 2007 when Jeff Walker and Todd Rice had a vision for a better High Country. That is, one with a brewery. The two researched the beer industry, practiced making “clean, crisp, and refreshing” brews, and partnered with local businesses to give the consumer a positive drinking experience. This quality pursuit was something that not only drove the two to open the brewery in 2013, but also open a successful inn and alehouse restaurant shortly after. As their slogan is “go to the mountains,” this brewery encourages living an adventurous mountain lifestyle. This brewery also places an emphasis on the community involvement and is one of the first to support local causes like Appalachian Sate University athletics, Blue Ridge Conservancy, Chamber of Commerce, and the Watauga Humane Society, just to name a few. “Community and prosperity are very closely intertwined,” says Walker, “Our role in the High Country is to bring this community together through beer and we do that every day of the week.” Four years later, the Blowing Rock Brewing Company is thriving and even plans on expanding their craft to bring their unique beer to reach a larger audience. As Walker says “we have brought a new dynamic to the High Country.” It is safe to say that the area would not be the same without this innovative company.