Campus Cursive


am passionate about making people feel like they are loved and worthy of love. Two years ago, I founded an organization at Appalachian State University called Campus Cursive. A part of an international non-profit called More Love Letters, this club’s mission is to uplift and empower individuals through tangible acts of love. We do this by handwriting “love” letters to our peers.

The founder of More Love Letters, Hannah Brencher, is one of my greatest sources of inspiration and someone who has changed the way I view the world. In spring 2017, my club worked incredibly hard to bring Hannah to speak at Appalachian.



The first video below was an editing assignment for my Beginning Video class. Each student was told to capture raw footage from their daily lives and put it together to tell a story. This was a way to practice composing shots and becoming familiar with video editing software like Adobe Premiere and After Effects. My piece, entitled Sorry Not Sorry, was inspired by Hannah Brencher’s blog post about apologizing to the world unnecessarily. The images capture scenes from my everyday life as well as emotions like joy, pain, sadness, excitement, and uncertainty just to name a few.

Much like the first, the second video encompasses photos taken over the years and represents the fragility and messiness of life. The words voiced over in the background also come from Hannah Brencher’s blog. I wanted my photos to be a source of inspiration for my audience to have the courage to keep going when life gets too be too overwhelming to handle.



Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 11.55.05 AM.jpg

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