Fit Connect


nother passion of mine is health and fitness. When asked to create a business for my Internet Communication class, I naturally decided to make a fitness company.

FIT Connect is a free, online organization dedicated to helping people accomplish their fitness goals while connecting them to the Boone Community. FIT Connect provides its subscribers with workout and meal plans personalized to the individual while bringing current health news and ideas to educate, empower, and inspire them to be their best self.

This organization also believes in the power of community and creating lasting relationship through fitness. Members can also have the option to be paired up with another Appalachian State student based upon personality and fitness level and workout together. It is the perfect combination of friendship and fitness.

I created a Facebook page, blog, email blasts, aΒ website, and a promotional video for the organization. The video was meant to be both exciting and informational as well as inspire students to join the FIT Connect community.

This assignment allowed me to use my creative business skills and showcase my innovative, entrepreneurial spirit.

Please check out the photo gallery and video below.

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